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Hi, I’m Fiona, a passionate copywriter and SEO specialist based in Sydney. I’m here to help business owners revamp their existing content, create new, targeted copy that captures your audience’s attention and increase the chances of your website getting found by the right people.

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Fiona at FB Copywriting exploring Budapest

I’m a content and SEO specialist with over 10 years’ experience

I have over 10 years’ writing and editing experience working with brands in the gift, software, property and luxury travel sectors. From small family start-ups to large global brands, I am familiar with working with a diverse range of clients, allowing me to be both flexible and diligent in my approach.

With a Bachelor Degree in English Language and Linguistics and a Diploma in Copywriting, I have a strong writing background with a keen eye for detail. But my learning doesn’t stop there. I am continually adding to my portfolio and keeping up to date with the latest trends to ensure I always have my eyes open for new growth opportunities, whilst giving me a competitive edge.

I am a strong Digital Marketer

Throughout my career, I have worked in a number of roles and honed my skills in the digital marketing space. From managing and updating websites using a variety of content management systems (CMS) to creating SEO friendly content that helps get your website ranked. I also have a deep understanding of Google’s technical jargon and ever-changing algorithm to discover what might be stopping your website from ranking in the SERPs.

I am also experienced in social media and community management, helping to expand your content’s reach and shareability, as well as being data driven and letting the facts speak for themselves. I believe data is your best friend and can provide you with useful insights for improvement, which I can easily evaluate and put into action.

I am an experienced writer and story teller

Everyone loves a good story – it’s what captures our attention and urges us to continue reading. I can expertly craft content that paints a clear picture in your reader’s mind, whether you are seeking website content, blog articles, landing pages or newsletters. Need something more complex? I can also write technical articles in a way that are easy to understand without scaring your reader away.

There’s more to it than just writing

When you choose to work with me, I don’t just write. I take the time to get to know your business, your company’s tone of voice and your ideal customer. I understand what your business goals are, discover your customer’s pain points and help you overcome them.

I also identify new opportunities and offer suggestions, whether that’s providing new keywords to target, a new article to write or a simple landing page structure refresh.

I of course will work to your brief, providing all work in a timely manner and to budget.

Other interesting bits

When I’m not busy writing, I love to read, eat, cook, walk and travel. I also love to try new things whether that’s rock climbing, scuba diving, hand gliding, skydiving or parasailing (I’m a bit of an adventure seeker!). I believe constantly opening yourself up to new experiences or facing new challenges will help you to push your boundaries and develop your skillset both mentally and physically.

I'm a food & travel blogger

​I’m a massive foodie and traveller and contribute to my blog: Bitesize Traveller. Feel free to follow me for inspirational recipes and some of Sydney’s best walks. I’m also an aspiring travel writer with the dream of having my name in print.

Food and travel blogger

I play the flute in an orchestra

I absolutely love listening to music and play the flute as part of the Leichhardt Wind Orchestra (LWO). Why not come along to one of our quarterly concerts and help support the local community. We also provide a scrumptious afternoon tea.

Flute player at LWO

I prefer the winter over summer

You’d think that moving to Sydney I came for the weather. That’s strictly not true. I absolutely love the autumnal and winter weather in Sydney – it’s perfect for walking and the only time of the year I don’t constantly look like a bright red lobster!

Sydney in winter

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