Dreading to write a new blog article for your company’s website or feeling uninspired for your next email campaign? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Writing valuable content that resonates with your customer’s wants and needs is no easy feat, unless you’re a professional copywriter that is.

Instead of wasting precious hours slaving over copy that isn’t well-crafted or creating uninspiring website content that has a zero click through rate, hire a freelance copywriter instead. A copywriter can quickly turn even the dullest piece of content into a highly converting landing page, scoring you massive brownie points at your next monthly marketing meeting.

Here are 10 great reasons why hiring a copywriter will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

1. Saves you time

Why spend countless hours struggling to put pen to paper when you can outsource your copywriting instead? Hiring a copywriter to write copy will free you up, allowing you to concentrate on the most important aspects of the business that matter. Small businesses and large companies can employ a copywriter to write anything and everything from product descriptions, sales letters and website copy.

Copywriting saves times

2. A specialist skill

Just like a doctor is an expert in the medical field, a copywriter is a specialist in creating content designed to sell or persuade. However, great copywriting isn’t just writing. Professional copywriters are able to write for a variety of mediums from blogs, articles and website landing pages, to social media posts, emails and radio voiceovers. Their content sells without being salesy. There’s an art and science behind choosing the right words to capture the target audience, keeping your business front of mind whilst using the best call to action.

3. It will be well written

Hiring a good copywriter means you can expect expertly written copy in a consistent tone of voice to match your brand. The copy will be free of spelling and grammatical errors, have a sharp sentence structure and avoid waffly language. The use of intriguing and creative content will also engage your target audience, convincing them to take action.

Copywriters create well written copy

4. It will improve your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plays a crucial role in copywriting and done well, can help increase your organic page rankings in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. SEO copywriting is all about making your content discoverable using targeted keywords and optimising your content in a way that both humans and website spiders love. SEO copywriters can provide you guidance on page structure, meta titles, meta descriptions and possible internal and external link opportunities to help increase your SEO efforts. Plus, a copywriter can write fresh, new content for your website, avoiding duplication to ensure your site becomes authoritative and relevant in its industry.

5. It will help your content strategy

Having well-crafted copy plays a vital role in your content strategy and email marketing. Perhaps you need blog articles written to align with your email prospecting campaign or require tailored landing pages made. As well as writing the actual content, a copywriter can suggest content that needs to be written whilst come up with article ideas and the best longtail keywords to focus on to drive traffic to your site.

Copywriting helps your content strategy

6. It will provide you with consistent copy

It’s essential that all the content displayed on your website, emails, newsletters, social media and brochures has a consistent brand tone of voice, otherwise it can become confusing to the customer. Copywriters can easily and expertly write content to suit any type of medium, avoiding any mixed messages and nailing your brand tone of voice.

7. It will save you money

Rather than paying a member of your staff to create mediocre content, hire a copywriter instead. As a wordsmith, copywriters can easily provide you with engaging and persuasive content that matches your brand tone of voice and gets your audience taking action, whether that’s signing up to a newsletter or downloading an ebook. If you don’t have budget to hire an in-house copywriter, work with a freelance copywriter or freelance writer instead.

8. It will provide you with fresh ideas

Looking for fresh ideas? Bingo – a copywriter or content writer can provide you with a new and different perspective, potentially generating new content ideas that will deliver the most action. This is because a copywriter can look at your content from the customer’s point of view and come up with core questions, whilst providing useful content to solve their pain points.

Copywriting provides fresh ideas

9. You can say goodbye to grammar issues

Crafting expert content, free of grammatical errors for your target audience and the Google beast is a must. No one likes sloppy content with misspellings, wrong punctuation or the wrong use of a word (do you know when to use there, their and they’re for example?). An experienced copywriter has an excellent understanding of grammar with perfect spelling, and a thorough knowledge of punctuation usage. Plus, grammar is essential for SEO, allowing search engines to easily understand the context of your content.

10. Create killer headlines

Struggling to create headlines that convert? No worries. A copywriter is skilled at creating killer headlines that are click worthy. After all, if your blog post or email subject line fails to grab your audience’s attention, there’s no point creating the website copy.

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